Hope : A Great Scope

Oops ! I Woke Up Today Again ,

Not For You But To Break That Chain,

Which Continuously Stops My Train , 

From Establishing My Own Reign . 
Sometimes I Wonder If You are Blind , 

Can’t You See I was Always Out Of My Mind ;

Probably I spent Much Of My Time Wondering,

But Now You Won’t See Me Suffering !
Today I’ll Leave , Much Far You Would Have Thought;

And I won’t Get Back Until I Have Large Acres Of Plot.

You Unintentionally Guided Me A Way, 

Which I Have To Follow After Crossing That Bay.
Life Gave Me Enough Setbacks,

But It Left Me Some Climax.
Ah, There’s Someone Who Inspired me,

For Me He’ll Always Be My Tree.

He Gets My Problems And I Don’t Need To Say, 

In Simple Words … He’s My Relief Spray !!
ThankYou Mr.Motivator For Your Guiding Word’s,

You’re The One Who Keeps All My Passwords,

I Sometimes Regret That I Didn’t Do Anything,

Except For Those Moments We Spent On That Swing.
I still Remember That Playlist I Dedicated,

That Would Be Enough I Estimated,

I added Some More Songs To It,

But I’ll Play Them Once I sit In My Cockpit !!
I Never Try To Taunt Someone,

Because I Always Keep A Shotgun,

Killing Through Words Would Never Satisfy;

Coz I Need That Hunger To Modify !
There’s A Reason I Live Everyday Call Hope;

Believe Me , Theres A Lot of Scope !!
                                                 – Creyente


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  1. mukund673 says:

    Very very impressive.

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  2. Very nice indeed

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