When You’re Near – There’s No Fear

Bro , You There?

Or Was That A Bloody Nightmare ?

Please Don’t Ever Dare That , 

Otherwise I’ll Get Involved In An Ugly Spat.
You Were A Complete Stranger I Remember,

Until I Made You a Family Member.

Can’t Recall Count The Number Of Songs We Share ,

But We Always End Up Fighting when We Compare .
Remember That Girl We Use To Stare ?

Dont Know Where Has She Disappear.

You Were In A Bad Mood I Guess , 

Coz U Always Wanted To Confess.
C’mon Bro , It’s Just a Chapter , 

Take Your Phone , Earplugs and The Adapter , 

We’ll Go lost Somewhere , 

A Place Where There Is some Fresh air.
Please don’t Take So Much Stress ,

Because I cannot Handle Your Agress.

I’ll Leave everything For You , 

To Enjoy That Provocative Scenic View.
Girl’s came And went , 

But I put on our Bond Some Cement ;

Please Remove The 250 odd Photographs of Her , 

Instead put Some Of Mine , Your Monsieur.
It was A Lame Joke I Know , 

You’re One of a Kind Though.

Bro, Don’t Worry You’ll Get Your Bride , 

I’ll Look For Her Myself Countrywide.
Until Then , We’ll Go Lost Somewhere , 

A place Where There Is Fresh air.

Away From These People Who ,

We’ll Forever Bid ‘ Adieu ‘ !!
                                              – Creyente Trozy


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