Whatever Day Is It , 

We Must Always Permit ,

The White And Black Shades Of Life ,

Because Everything’s Temporary Unlike The Wildlife 🐯
Yesterday When I Was Walking ,

I Didn’t Bother Knocking ,

That Gate Of Disgrace ;

An Old Man Came Out With A Boldface ,

You Sure Wanna Come In ?

Or Wanna Keep Defending The Spin ?
With a Smile I Gave A Nod ,

How Can I Be Such a Fraud ?

Not Believing In Myself,

After Writing so Much About Oneself .
This Time I Wanna Earn The Light ,

Overshadowing The Demon’s Dynamite !!
Whatever The Past Taught ,

I must Tie To My Mind With a Knot !

Yesterday Is The Day I’ll Try To Forget ,

For Who Knows, 

It Might Be A Big Threat !
Nobody Is As Intelligent To Judge Me ,

They Won’t Be Able To Know Me Even After Lots Of Inquiry 👮 !
I’ll Try To Be A Friend To Myself ,

The One Who’ll Company Me To The Skelf ,

The one Who Will Watch Me Inside Out ,

The one Who Will Conduct A Deep Scout !
Even The One With whom I Hangout ,

Will Try To Knock Me Out ,

When The Situation Would Be Strong,

I’ll Alone Again With My Favourite Song.
I’ll Try To Be a Friend To Myself ,

The one Who’ll Company Me To The Skelf .


2 Comments Add yours

  1. CHHAVI Gupta says:

    Keep Writing…Awesome Work ! Love Always.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou So Much ! Tour Appreciation Is Worth It


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