My Warehouse Isn’t Old Anymore

That Old Warehouse Of Mine ,

Was Going Old Badly Like Wine ,

I Made My Mind To Packup and Leave ,

Until There Was Something To Recieve.
A White Parcel Was Waiting For Me At The Door ,

I Thought It Might Be A Money Order Of a Crore 😂

I desperately Needed It 😔,

But There Was A Message From a person Who Wanted To Acquit .

I was A bit Confused For a While ,

Thinking Whose Number To Dial ,

Mr.Motivator Would Help Me ,

Believe Me….He Holds A Master Degree !!

I went To Him With A Sweet Smile ,

He Advised Me To Take A Trial.

I wanted Him To Elaborate ,

Until He Made It Straight.

Follow What You Feel Like ,

He Cleared With A Glance Ghostlike.

I Left Him With a Decent Sight ,

Wondering Still…What To Write.

Words Actually Made The Situation Worse ,

But Fortunately I Made My Anxiety To Disperse.

“What Made You Think of Me Again ? ”

“What Do You Pretend ?”

I Once Again Knocked Mr.Motivator’s Gate ,

He Described This As A Part Of My Fate.

So Should I Sit Back And Wait ?

Or Go And Declare It Straight ?

He Once Again Relaxed My Nerve’s ,

Asked Me To Keep Faith In My Reserves;

I want You Back Came In Way ,

And A Bright Shine Came In Display.

Finally I was Back With All That I Had ,

ThankYou Mr.Motivator For Helping This Nomad ❤.

I am Not Going To Sell my Old Warehouse Anymore ,

Because It Sounds More Sweet Than A Fancy Seashore 😙.


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  1. CHHAVI Gupta says:

    Well Expressed Creyente .

    Liked by 1 person

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