What’s So Inspiring ? ( Episode 1 )

Episode 1 . 

Oh God , It’s 4 Again 😔.

( Thinking ) Why The Hell He Ask Me To Run Each Day At 4 . Cannot Open My Eyes Even. Does He Want A 12 Year Old Like Me To Look After My Body and Go And Practice For A Couple Of Hours Each Day  ? This School Is Killing Me And Now This Game Of Cricket. Why It’s Only Me Struggling With A Father Like Him . ???

” Karun Bhaiya . You Haven’t Left Yet . Your Dad Will Not Leave You. ”

Nahi Chhotu Bhaiya . You Know What We Do Everyday Right ? ” 

“Again ?”


“Ok Then .Give Me The Money.”

“Take This 20 Rupee’s And Don’t Tell Him I Cheated.”


” Ok .Good Night ” I’ll Have A Short Nap Of An Hour . Wake Me Up Before He Gets Up.”
“Karun Bhaiya. Your Dad Is Up. ”

“Heeee. I’ll Go And Wash My Face. ”

              Karun’s Dad Gets To Him.

” Good morning Karun”.

” Morning Papaji.”

“How Many Round’s Today ? ” 

“4 Papaji ”

” Great I Hope You Aren’t Lying , Are You ?”

“No Papaji , Never.

” Ok. I’ll Be Waiting At The Ground Sharp At 4 In The Afternoon Today. Be Ready With Your Equipments.”

Oops ! I Haven’t Introduced Myself . I’m Karun. A 12 Year Old Chandigarh Boy Who’s Struggling With Books And Cricket. But , Why Am I Doing This ? Should I Tell Him That I Don’t Wanna Do This ? I Dont Like This ? But I’m Afraid If His Reaction . I Cannot Do This . Lets Keep Moving.


Three Years Passed. I Was Still The Same Boy. Hated My Life , Was Struggling Within My Mind What I Was Doing. I missed Some Training Sessions In These Years But My ‘ Unwanted Hardwork ‘ led Me To Somewhere Else. 

Papaji Recieved A Letter From The Cricket Association For My Selection In The State U-16 Team. Am I Supposed To Be Delighted ? Yes I Am. But Unknowingly, I wasn’t. I was Still Wondering Why They Selected Me Out Of So Many Thousands Of Aspirants Waiting For A Chance. But That Smile On Papaji’s Face Was Enough. People Used To Think Of Him As A Man Who’s Torturing His Son To Play A Silly Game Against His Will. But He Knew What The Result Was Gonna Be. My Actual Test Began Now. 

We Had A Tour To Rajasthan For a Series With There State Team. Making To This Level Was Obviously Great , But I Didn’t Realised That Early. First Couple Of Game Were Disasters !! Zero And A 6 was What I Read. I Was Somehow Happy To Think Of Getting Dropped In The Next Game And Chilling. But The Destiny Had Other Plans .
 I Was In The Eleven Again Asked To Bat at Number 7 which Is Quite Down . The Scorecard Read 160-5 and 95 Runs Needed Of 60 Deliveries. The Man Of The Match was Planned To Give 1000 Rupee’s That Time And used To Be A Big Number. What And Opportunity I Thought.
Ah ! I Forgot To Tell My Love For Books. I Used To Read A Lot Of Them , Waiting For My Favourite Series Each Month. That 1000 Rupee Would Get Me 5 Of Them .😍. Dad Had Other Thinking. He Didn’t Liked To Waste His Savings On A  Rubbish Comic Series.  THAT Award Must Be Mine.👆
I Started. 60 Balls 95 Runs. Vishal , A Stylish Left Hand Batsman And A Senior Player Asked Me To Stick And Let Him Slog. But Im Ain’t That Adjusting You Know. I Went For A Straight Lofted Shot The Very First I Faced .

 Missed It Completely.


Next Ball Was Another Foolish Miss. A Couple Of Bizarre Shots Ruined My Confidence. I Asked Myself To Calm Down .Wait and Hit. 

A Juicy Half Volley.

Another Miss.

Next Couple Of Balls Were Defended.

I Wasted One Complete Over.
We Managed 25 In The Next 20 But Still A Long Way To Go. 70 off 34. One Had To Slog. So I Thought May I ? Vishal Was A  Stubborn Fella. IT was  Difficult To Convince Him But I Did That.
SO There Was no Stopping Me. We Managed To Get Away With 9 Balls To Spare. The Whole Camp was Happy. so Do I , But I Somehow Missed That Cash prize.

That Day The Emotions I Saw , The Dedication On My Own Face , The Happiness On My Teammates Faces And The Hardwork I Did Proved My Worth. From That Day My Approach Towards The Game Changed. I Hated Being Dropped. My Heart Shifted Towards The Game and I Realised My Dad’s Confidence On Me. I Never Skipped A Session Again. Always Reaching On Time Waiting To Hit Out If The Park.    



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