What’s So Inspiring ? ( Episode 2 )

“Karun Bhaiya “

“Oh ! It’s 4. “

” So, Today’s Plan ?”

” Is Dad Up ” ?

“Not Yet “.

“Ok. I’ll go And Run “.

“Like Seriously ?”

” Yeah.”

I’ll Remember That Day Always . The Reaction He Gave , Though I Only Did 3 Rounds , I Pushed Myself To Work Hard Each Day.

I Played Some Games There After, Managed To Get Some Runs And Appreciation . To My Surprise , It Was Evening 10th July When Dad Recieved A Call From Our Coach Of Punjab U-16 Side . 

He Asked Me To Join The North Zone U-19s which Would Be Travelling To Chennai Next Month For A Tour Which Included 4 One Day Matches. Two Of My Teammates From Punjab , Mandeep and Kartik Were Selected. Dad Was Really Happy. When My Relatives Got To Know They Reached Home All The Way From Patiala To Congratulate Me. What An Occasion They Thought.

Junior Cricket Was About Competition . Even Players From The Same Team Use to fight Against Each Other To Grab A Spot In The Upper Class Team. We Three Reaches Delhi ( Where Our Camp Was To Be Held ) By Train. Our Coach Introduced The New Five Guys ( 3 From Punjab and 1 Each From Himachal And Uttarakhand ) To Rest 10 . 

We Had 5 Hour Training Sessions For The Next Five Days and A Day to Spend Out And Get To Know and Comfort Ourselves With The Team. 

It Was The Day. An Early Morning Flight From Delhi Took Us To Chennai . We Had A Game next Day So Kinda Rested And Geared Up For Tomorrow.
We Batted First The Next Day And Posted A Nominal 240 Which Looked Defendable. I Although Couldn’t Get Much Runs. Thanks To Some Extraordinary Bowling From Our Teammate Sourabh, We Won The Game By 27 Runs. Next Game Was Better With The Bat From The Teams Point Of View. We Scored A Positive Looking 301 and Me Getting 50 Odd Runs ,But  To Everyone’s Disappointment We Couldn’t​ Defend It And Lost The Game. That Deeply Hurt Our Confidence.

Though My Performance Was Well In The Series, We Lost The Series 3-1. With The U-19 World Cup Nearing , Everyone Was Busy With Their Performances To Make The Cut. Though I didn’t Had Much Professional Cricket After That Series , I Had An opportunity To Make My Performance Count In a State U-18 Series. I Scored 2 Centuries Their . Was That Enough ? Will I Be Able To Make It ? Of course I was Not Sure. 

The Squad Was Announced. Surprisingly There Was No Karan Vohra In The Team. So Is This The End ? End Of My Dreams Of Representing My Country ? 

The Tournament Begin And I Wasn’t Very Excited To Watch It. Shreyas Our Team Opener And A Talented Lad From Maharashtra With Whom I Once Played Representing Punjab Was Batting Against West Indies When A Bowler Named Carlos Benn Hit Him On His Thigh. That was Cheeky. He Was Asked to Rest And The Team Needed A Backup.


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