The Bulls Behind


The Spanish Running Of The Bulls Was On The Cards and I Decided To Try My Hand.

Whether I’ll Come Out Alive was a controversial question, but I Discover various questions which are to be answered. Here’s The Sonnet 👇

Before Anything else there was just one thought inside,

That today I Maraud my pride,

If these Bulls smack their heads from behind,

My thoughts and expressions will sleep forever in my mind,

But I had To make a promise,

A promise to stand up if I stay Alive,

Reason that there’s no life till seventy five

and it’s only till 60 you have to survive.

So I was On the Mark And waiting to run,

Behind the gunman who reloaded his gun,

The race started and I Ran as fast as I could,

Hanging around In the entire Spanish neighborhood.

I will get out from here less predictable,

Making life forever invincible.

CreyenteAarav ©

Photo Credits:- Google


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