I Wish

I wish I Was More Than Your Insta Account Stalker ,

Say, “Hey ! All Well?” To you and become a loudmouth talker .

I wish you could be my guitar companion,

And I could pour music all along our canyon .

I wish I could play with your hair,

Irrespective of whether anyone would care.

I wish there was less distance between you and me ,

And both of us could roam carefree.

I wish you were less famous ,

nobody could love you more, thus.

I wish I could catch your glimpses everyday,

And not just your Instagram pictures I pray.

I wish ‘I and You’ become we,

Leaving me with nothing more to see,

I wish you knew me,

And I could see you on a count of three.

At last , I wish you could be here,

For I shall find enchantment everywhere.

Yours Only,


This is my story, what’s yours? Write down In The Comment Section 😃


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