Human Psychology

What If There Was Just one Solution For Everything ?

No Matter Whatsoever Result It May Bring,

At least we’ll become eligible to avoid conflict of interests,

Free from the Brain who could no longer Molest !

A Situation Means Thousands of projections ,

Similar to a road with a lot of diversions ,

What if they could be avoided ?

And just one of them be appointed?

Our feelings differ from our thoughts and thoughts differ from behaviour,

And none of them wants to come up as the saviour,

And at last , we are all trapped ,

Just to resign ourselves and accept the damn fact.

You’re so funny, oh human Psychology,

No,no we don’t need an apology.


Image Credits : Google

And The Sonnet Series Continue …….

Just a Random Musing. Was fussed and this came to my mind. Feels good to be back finally with some content !

I hope it was Relatable.

Ps : I’m just short of 200 subs on WordPress ! Let’s Do It ? 🤓


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