I am drowning, drowning in this sea of alcohol,

where all my patience and soul would disjoint,

Because my heart can not tolerate it’s low melting and boiling point.

Please, Please just say you can hear me,

Please just say you would stay,

Unlike the previous one, who shrank in the first hour and ran away.

I sat under the sky watching it behold all its stars ,

Wondering why humans are still not any of their avatars.

For what I understood were the shooting ones,

Who would just come and disappear ,

for they were like our race on earth, once gone wouldn’t easily reappear .

I know for the fact that it was only in my head,

I kept on lingering, but now it is all dead.

A little today , a little tomorrow ,

If this is how it is meant to be, I will walk pass it without sorrow.

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