In Case You Don’t Know

I can survive a Car Crash,

I can survive a Heartbreak,

But there’s one thing I cannot, because it took me years to make, that’s you, For God Sake.

It took me years to make a friendship, as strong as I Have with you ,

A friendship which is a pure and selfless solid relationship,

Which I Promise will take ahead until hundred and two.

I’ve seen you jovial, and I’ve seen you cry the whole night through,

But, your cry gives me peace and I’m perplexed without you.

I wanna indulge with you,

In rhymes and poems , fun’s and frolics,

Because alone, even wine seems to be no longer alcoholic.

I ain’t need cash, but memories,

Memories for life, smiles, sleeps and my children’s bed time stories.

Together we’re awesome , believe me mate,

And it’s never too late to make it further more great.

I believe in all your dreams, more than you do,

I’m There always, standing next to you, that’s the least I can do.


Need your wishes on this one. Dedicate this to people who’ve been there right next to you, even when you did not need anybody. People who still wanted to stay and share their happy and sad moments , people who think by mind and care by heart.


Also, why I chose dogs as my cover photo is because I mentioned pure. They justify what that word truly means❤️


Comment down your thoughts below.

Shall I change my pen name?


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