What Does My Idle Mind Think ?

How’s It Sitting Alone ?

Sitting With Your Some like Clone , 

Who Just Nods Without Giving Anything a Go , 

Almost Zero Audio.

When I’m Idle , 

I’d Refer a Bible .

There are Thousands If Solutions In , 

Which Enables Me To Hit The Spin !

What Does My Idle Mind Think ?

Dare Not Spoil It With A Spot Of Ink !

A Company might Be Offered , 

I Usually end Up Making It Awkward .

Though We Might Require Someone To Share A Joke Or A Funny Meme , 

The All In All Perfect Scheme !

Down To Earth , I’m Just That Type , 

To Take You And Move beyond The Hype ,

That Hype ,

That Damn Hype .

I was Watching A Fan Spinning Hard ,

Managed To Get a Way To Regard , 

Life Spins as Fast as A Fan Can , 

You’d Fail to Recognize Your Position in a short span !

Please Suggest A way To pass My Time ,

Post on The Lame Feet Of My rhyme ,

This Idle Mind Of Mine ,

Already ate My Deadline.

Down To Earth , I’m Just That Type , 

To Take You And Move beyond The Hype .

That Hype , 

That Damn Hype !

What’s So Inspiring ? ( Episode 4 )

Another Tournament , Another Chance , Another Opportunity And Another Challenge !!

The IPL Was Scheduled To Begin From 11 Of April , So I Had To Physically Prepare Myself . It’s Been An Year I Haven’t Played Some Serious Professional Cricket and Had To Get Back In Shape As Soon As Possible ! So The Month Was Quite Tiring ,Some Serious Training And Balanced Diet Helped Me Get Back In Shape . A Month Was Left For The Tournament and I Had Joined The Mumbai Franchise Which Was Then Called The ‘ Mumbai Super Champs ‘ .

Mr . Edward Guetta , A Reputed Coach From South Africa and A Serious Gamechanger Of His Time Was Appointed As The Coach Of The Franchise. Charles Sir Called Me And Asked Me To Listen And Obey To What He Says Coz He Doesn’t Like To Repeat. I Have Great Respect towards Charles. He’s Been A What Say Godfather Of My Journey Ever Now . My Failure My Success Didn’t Bother Him Much And He’s Always Tried Hard To Get Me Some Opportunities.

The Tournament Begin And I Being An Attacker Opened The Innings For The Team. IPL Is One Of The Tournamente Where Young Turfs Like Me Get Some Exposure Playing Alongside Superstars Of International Level. Our Franchise had Serious International Match Winner’s Including The Indian Opener Gautam Sahay. Batting Alongside Him Obviously Helped Me Get The Bêtter Of Bowlers. 

When The Tournament Ended , I Got 10 Matches To Play Because I Was Inconsistent and Didn’t Fit In The Team Plans . Though I Made 265 Runs In 10 Innings At An Average Of 31.7 . Decent ! That’s All For The Season. Team Ended fifth and Couldn’t Quality For The First Playoffs. I got Selected In The Ranji Squad again And Had Another Off Season. There Was No Other Serious Tournament And Once Again , It was The IPL Through Which I Got Some Matches. The Season Was Great, I Got 15 Matches and Scored 521 Runs At An Average Of 42.1 Which Included A Blistering Knock Of 107 Off 67 Balls Against Kolkata Franchise , Which Was Called The Bengal Tigers. 

4th June 2014 

( Phone Ringing ) 

” Hello “.

” Hi . This Is Sandeep Amre. ” 

” Sa..SA…Sandeep Amre (In My Mind –  I was Totally Confused. He’s The National Selector Of The Indian Team. Was It Seriously Him .??) Yes Sir …Karun Vohra Here.

” Karun…We Have West Indies Touring Us Next Month. The Board And The Selection Committee Has Decided to Select You As The Second Opener. ” 

” Seriously Sir ?”

” Yup , I Don’t Think I’d Call You To Joke .”

” Sorry Sir.. ThankYou Sir For The Opportunity . I’d Definitely Make It Big. ” 

” All The Best. ”

Seriously I Don’t Like Writing My Emotions This Particular Time. What I Know Is I Seriously Made To The Senior Team And Had To Perform In This Tour.
The Team Selected To Play West Indies Was Announced. I Received Hundreds Of Calls From everyone Congratulating Me For The Selection. I Called Charles Sidebottom To Tell Him About This…He Was In England And Enjoying Some Time Off With His Family. He Asked Me To Stay Calm….These Opportunities Don’t Come Too Often And To Enjoy It As Much As I Could. 

The Indian Squad Looked Formidable And I Was Happy I Had Made Some Fans Thanks To The IPL Through Which Indian People Knew Me And Followed Me On Social Media. The Series Consisted Of 5 One Day Internationals and 2 T-20 Internationals.

The Series Went Really Well For Me .

I Steadily Established Myself Into The Indian cricket Team And Charles Sidebottom, Previously My Godfather , Now Became My Manager And The One Who Looked Into My Accounts , He Always Aspire And Help Me Get The Bêtter Of My Game And Being So Close To Me For The Last 5 Years Now , I Don’t Hesitate Going To Him For Help.

There Was Another Thing I Was Excited For. Finally I Could Buy The Mercedes SLS Which I Always Wanted To. I wanted To Gift it To Dad. Guess What , I’ll Be Leaving For Chandigarh Tomorrow To Surprise Him.

Hi…This Is Charles Sidebottom , You Must Know Me Right ? I read This An Saw Karun Writing a Lot About Me. I Am Writing This On Karun’s Behalf Because He’s No More. He Was Going To Chandigarh When His Brake Failed And He Met An Accident. He Always Wanted To Complete This Story Of Him And Something He’s Very Proud Of. There Are Many Young Cricketers Who Love Him And And Feels He’s A Role Model For Them . He’s Surely A Role Model For Me , It Might Sounds Strange But His Commitment Towards The Game And Love He Gives To Everyone Who Supports Him Is Overwhelming. 
I Seriously wanted To Complete His Story , He Always Used To Say , “Jab Tak Life Main Koi Aim Na Ho , tab Tak Life Bohot Boring Hoti Hain. Risk Uthana Bhi ek bohot Bada Risk hain.” 

He Always Used To Quote Them In English For Me 😂 But Now that he’s No More, Cricket Fraternity Will miss Him As A Strong And Passionate Cricketer. love You Karun ! 

What’s So Inspiring ? ( Episode 3 )

“Karun Bhaiya “.

” Bhaiya !! It’s 6:00 In The Evening. Why You Woke Me Up. It’s Not 4 In The Morning 😑 .”

” There’s ​a Call For You . Take The Phone .”

” Hello. ”

” Hi Karun This Is Charles Sidebottom. I Hope You Know Me. ”

” Of course Sir. You Are The U-19 Head Coach Of Our Country.” 

” I called You To Inform You Of Your Selection In The World Cup Squad As A Replacement For Shreyas. You’ll Have To Report Here In Melbourne By Thursday. ” 

” Sure Sir . I’ll Be There.” 

” I’ll Give You A Number . Call Him and He’ll Give You The Details Of Your Flight and Etc. See You Here Soon.”

” Thank You So Much Sir.”

Oh My God ! Am I Still Asleep? Or Am I Dreaming ? Uhmm…I Wasn’t 😅 In A Day I’ll Be Flying To Australia For The U-19 World Cup .Importantly , I’ll Be Able To Represent My Country For The Very First Time.What An Honour 😇.
I Called Dad And Informed Him About This And He Was Super Excited. I was Bound To Pack All My Stuff And Leave Today For Melbourne. It’s An 8 Hour Long Flight So Obviously I Had A Lot Of Stuff To Pass My Time While Flying.

I Reached Melbourne In The Morning , I Found A Couple of People In An ‘ India Blazer ‘ . They Greeted Me And Took Me To The Team Hotel. I met The Squad Which Was Suppose To Play The Quarter Final Tomorrow And Our Staff Which Included Charles Sidebottom , Ravi Venkataraman and Pravin Hegde Who Are Very Respected and Recognized Coaches And The One In Charge Of The Indian U-19s

It Was The Match Day And We Were Up Against South Africa , A Top Squad With Quality Players . Quinton Phangiso , Morne Dippenar , Greame Creamer Already Established Themselves As Very Talented Lads With There Performances In The Tournament. Ishaan Sundar ( Our Captain ) A Gifted All Rounder Announced Today’s Playing XI and Knowingly I wasnt A Part Of It. It was Fine to be On The Bench , Cause You Cannot Expect Someone To Play a Knockout Game The Very Next Day you Land In A Foreign Land Where You Actually Have No Idea About The Pitch And The Conditions There , Though I Somehow Wanted To Go And Bat.

We Posted A ‘Not A Very Big Score’ Of 250 for 8 . Though Australian Pitches Are Always Good To Bat On Because Of The Kind Of Bounce They Had , This Seemed A Much Dead Wicket With No Grass On It. When The South Africans Came To Bat, They Were Given A Fine Welcome By Adnan Khan , Our Pace Bowling Sensation. An Outswinger Took The Wicker Of Greame Creamer . As The Game Progressed , They Were Restricted To 215-7. We Won The Game , and I Still Had A Chance To Play. 

The Semifinal Was Against New Zealand , A Strong Side. I was Again On The Bench , Waiting And Feeling Helpless. We Won The Game And Qualified For The Final Against England. A Day Before The Game , Charles Sir Called Me To His Room And Asked me To Ready Myself As I’ll be Playing In the Final As An Opener. Seemed To be An Experiment, I was Not Sure Whether An Experiment In The Final Is Worth Giving A Go. I was Very Anxious , I Couldn’t Sleep The Whole Night , Feeling Desperate And Wanted To Go Out Cause I was Growing Impatient. 
Toss : England Won And Opt To Bat.

First 6 Overs : 33-0

After 20 : 106-1

After 30- 173-2

After 40 – 244-2

And Final Score Read – 312 – 5.

Gosh.! What A Score . What a World Cup Final. 

So I Came To Bat. First Ball. Looking Closely Towards The Ball I Moved My Leg and Tried To Drive Towards Covers.

Next Ball A Short 135 Km Ball And I Managed To Get It Touched .


Overs Kept On Passing And I Didn’t Realized I Reached 50. The Team Started Applauding. I was Very Happy , Although We Still Needed 187 Runs In 174 Balls. The Day Seemed Rainy , Anytime Showers Could Come Down , So We Thought to bat a bit more Fast. We Read 231 -4 at 40 Overs. 82 of 60 Were Needed. The U-16 match Started In My Mind. It was The Same Situation , Where I Need To Take The Team Home , Being Set At 92* , I Wanted To Reciprocate The Result . I Was A Bit Excited.

Next Ball , Banged Short . I Pulled . Top Edge. In The Air. Caught. What Just Happened ? I Got Out For 92 and India Lost The Game By 53 Runs. The Only Chance If U-19 World Cup Is Over. Seriously , I Have My Wicket Away After Coming So Close . 

Nobody Was Upset From me , Cause I Made Runs and only Playing my First Match , I Felt I Could Have Brought The World Cup Home. We Returned Home Next Day , Landing In Delhi . I took A Train To Chandigarh And Got Home . I Rang The Bell When Dad Opened , Red Faced , And Slammed By Cheek With a Tight Slap .
Kya karke Aaya Waha pe ? “

I Didn’t Knew What To Say . I remained Silent . Just Waiting For Him To Take A Step. He Didn’t Let Me Come Inside That Day , And I Slept In The Car Which Mom Gave Me The keys .
I Got Selected In The Punjab Ranji Team, And Had a Very Ordinary Season . Got Excluded From The Squad Next season, I wasn’t Sure What To Do, When I Received A Call .

” Karun ?”

” Speaking ”

” Charles Sidebottom Here “.

” Oh…..Good Good Evening Sir.”

” Will You Join The Mumbai IPL Squad On A Youth Contract ?’ 

IPL ????? I was Overexcited. 

” Yes Sir. I would Love To. ”

“Don’t Let Us Down . We Have Expectations From You.”

” I’ll Give My Heart Out Sir.”

” Sure Then… We’ll See You In the Camp Starting from 17 Match 2013. ”

” Thank you Sir. ”

My Mind Was Full Of Thoughts. I started Believing Charles Sidebottom As A Gin For Me . He Saved My Career For The Second Time now. If I Failed Now , I don’t See Myself Playing For India Ever.
What I Needed was ,. To Put My Career In The Driving Mode Now. 




What’s So Inspiring ? ( Episode 2 )

“Karun Bhaiya “

“Oh ! It’s 4. “

” So, Today’s Plan ?”

” Is Dad Up ” ?

“Not Yet “.

“Ok. I’ll go And Run “.

“Like Seriously ?”

” Yeah.”

I’ll Remember That Day Always . The Reaction He Gave , Though I Only Did 3 Rounds , I Pushed Myself To Work Hard Each Day.

I Played Some Games There After, Managed To Get Some Runs And Appreciation . To My Surprise , It Was Evening 10th July When Dad Recieved A Call From Our Coach Of Punjab U-16 Side . 

He Asked Me To Join The North Zone U-19s which Would Be Travelling To Chennai Next Month For A Tour Which Included 4 One Day Matches. Two Of My Teammates From Punjab , Mandeep and Kartik Were Selected. Dad Was Really Happy. When My Relatives Got To Know They Reached Home All The Way From Patiala To Congratulate Me. What An Occasion They Thought.

Junior Cricket Was About Competition . Even Players From The Same Team Use to fight Against Each Other To Grab A Spot In The Upper Class Team. We Three Reaches Delhi ( Where Our Camp Was To Be Held ) By Train. Our Coach Introduced The New Five Guys ( 3 From Punjab and 1 Each From Himachal And Uttarakhand ) To Rest 10 . 

We Had 5 Hour Training Sessions For The Next Five Days and A Day to Spend Out And Get To Know and Comfort Ourselves With The Team. 

It Was The Day. An Early Morning Flight From Delhi Took Us To Chennai . We Had A Game next Day So Kinda Rested And Geared Up For Tomorrow.
We Batted First The Next Day And Posted A Nominal 240 Which Looked Defendable. I Although Couldn’t Get Much Runs. Thanks To Some Extraordinary Bowling From Our Teammate Sourabh, We Won The Game By 27 Runs. Next Game Was Better With The Bat From The Teams Point Of View. We Scored A Positive Looking 301 and Me Getting 50 Odd Runs ,But  To Everyone’s Disappointment We Couldn’t​ Defend It And Lost The Game. That Deeply Hurt Our Confidence.

Though My Performance Was Well In The Series, We Lost The Series 3-1. With The U-19 World Cup Nearing , Everyone Was Busy With Their Performances To Make The Cut. Though I didn’t Had Much Professional Cricket After That Series , I Had An opportunity To Make My Performance Count In a State U-18 Series. I Scored 2 Centuries Their . Was That Enough ? Will I Be Able To Make It ? Of course I was Not Sure. 

The Squad Was Announced. Surprisingly There Was No Karan Vohra In The Team. So Is This The End ? End Of My Dreams Of Representing My Country ? 

The Tournament Begin And I Wasn’t Very Excited To Watch It. Shreyas Our Team Opener And A Talented Lad From Maharashtra With Whom I Once Played Representing Punjab Was Batting Against West Indies When A Bowler Named Carlos Benn Hit Him On His Thigh. That was Cheeky. He Was Asked to Rest And The Team Needed A Backup.

What’s So Inspiring ? ( Episode 1 )

Episode 1 . 

Oh God , It’s 4 Again 😔.

( Thinking ) Why The Hell He Ask Me To Run Each Day At 4 . Cannot Open My Eyes Even. Does He Want A 12 Year Old Like Me To Look After My Body and Go And Practice For A Couple Of Hours Each Day  ? This School Is Killing Me And Now This Game Of Cricket. Why It’s Only Me Struggling With A Father Like Him . ???

” Karun Bhaiya . You Haven’t Left Yet . Your Dad Will Not Leave You. ”

Nahi Chhotu Bhaiya . You Know What We Do Everyday Right ? ” 

“Again ?”


“Ok Then .Give Me The Money.”

“Take This 20 Rupee’s And Don’t Tell Him I Cheated.”


” Ok .Good Night ” I’ll Have A Short Nap Of An Hour . Wake Me Up Before He Gets Up.”
“Karun Bhaiya. Your Dad Is Up. ”

“Heeee. I’ll Go And Wash My Face. ”

              Karun’s Dad Gets To Him.

” Good morning Karun”.

” Morning Papaji.”

“How Many Round’s Today ? ” 

“4 Papaji ”

” Great I Hope You Aren’t Lying , Are You ?”

“No Papaji , Never.

” Ok. I’ll Be Waiting At The Ground Sharp At 4 In The Afternoon Today. Be Ready With Your Equipments.”

Oops ! I Haven’t Introduced Myself . I’m Karun. A 12 Year Old Chandigarh Boy Who’s Struggling With Books And Cricket. But , Why Am I Doing This ? Should I Tell Him That I Don’t Wanna Do This ? I Dont Like This ? But I’m Afraid If His Reaction . I Cannot Do This . Lets Keep Moving.


Three Years Passed. I Was Still The Same Boy. Hated My Life , Was Struggling Within My Mind What I Was Doing. I missed Some Training Sessions In These Years But My ‘ Unwanted Hardwork ‘ led Me To Somewhere Else. 

Papaji Recieved A Letter From The Cricket Association For My Selection In The State U-16 Team. Am I Supposed To Be Delighted ? Yes I Am. But Unknowingly, I wasn’t. I was Still Wondering Why They Selected Me Out Of So Many Thousands Of Aspirants Waiting For A Chance. But That Smile On Papaji’s Face Was Enough. People Used To Think Of Him As A Man Who’s Torturing His Son To Play A Silly Game Against His Will. But He Knew What The Result Was Gonna Be. My Actual Test Began Now. 

We Had A Tour To Rajasthan For a Series With There State Team. Making To This Level Was Obviously Great , But I Didn’t Realised That Early. First Couple Of Game Were Disasters !! Zero And A 6 was What I Read. I Was Somehow Happy To Think Of Getting Dropped In The Next Game And Chilling. But The Destiny Had Other Plans .
 I Was In The Eleven Again Asked To Bat at Number 7 which Is Quite Down . The Scorecard Read 160-5 and 95 Runs Needed Of 60 Deliveries. The Man Of The Match was Planned To Give 1000 Rupee’s That Time And used To Be A Big Number. What And Opportunity I Thought.
Ah ! I Forgot To Tell My Love For Books. I Used To Read A Lot Of Them , Waiting For My Favourite Series Each Month. That 1000 Rupee Would Get Me 5 Of Them .😍. Dad Had Other Thinking. He Didn’t Liked To Waste His Savings On A  Rubbish Comic Series.  THAT Award Must Be Mine.👆
I Started. 60 Balls 95 Runs. Vishal , A Stylish Left Hand Batsman And A Senior Player Asked Me To Stick And Let Him Slog. But Im Ain’t That Adjusting You Know. I Went For A Straight Lofted Shot The Very First I Faced .

 Missed It Completely.


Next Ball Was Another Foolish Miss. A Couple Of Bizarre Shots Ruined My Confidence. I Asked Myself To Calm Down .Wait and Hit. 

A Juicy Half Volley.

Another Miss.

Next Couple Of Balls Were Defended.

I Wasted One Complete Over.
We Managed 25 In The Next 20 But Still A Long Way To Go. 70 off 34. One Had To Slog. So I Thought May I ? Vishal Was A  Stubborn Fella. IT was  Difficult To Convince Him But I Did That.
SO There Was no Stopping Me. We Managed To Get Away With 9 Balls To Spare. The Whole Camp was Happy. so Do I , But I Somehow Missed That Cash prize.

That Day The Emotions I Saw , The Dedication On My Own Face , The Happiness On My Teammates Faces And The Hardwork I Did Proved My Worth. From That Day My Approach Towards The Game Changed. I Hated Being Dropped. My Heart Shifted Towards The Game and I Realised My Dad’s Confidence On Me. I Never Skipped A Session Again. Always Reaching On Time Waiting To Hit Out If The Park.    



I Wonder Why In This World There’s A Thing Called Convenience ,

Am I The Only One Who Choose It Over Brilliance ?
Even Though I’m Writing This Only To Say,

But Does That Escapes Me From The Days Which Are Grey ?
There’s Been Days Since I Last Won Something,

Only To Hide Under My Own Wing , 

I Preferred Sitting In The Barn ,

And Keep Myself Within A Spinning Yarn.
But , Is Choosing The Easier Way Wrong .?

Would You Wait For Your Destiny To Play , For How Long ?

Would You Ask Time To Run Your Life ? Rethink ! Go Forward And Learn To Strife.
I Wonder Why In This World There’s ​A Thing Called Convenience ….

Am I The Only One Who Choose It Over Brilliance ?
Winning Is Quite Important , You Must Know ,

You Cannot Only Participate Though.
Perhaps It’s Use Might Be Lenient ,

But Walking Just Then Was Quite Convenient.

Try To Search For Success Alone ,

Until When Are You Planning To Postpone?
There Are People Who Struggle ,

Making There Presence Count.

Not To Prove Who They Are ,

But Do You Expect Something Bizarre .?
Uhm 🤔..

That’s What Convenience can Do ,

You’ll End Up Losing The Other Shoe.

You Know What’s The Point Is Checked Out By The World ?

Only The Pages With Long Musing Curled.

I Wonder Why There’s A Thing Called Convenience, 

Am I The Only One Who Choose It Over Brilliance ?
                                           – Creyente

Who Am I ?

Who Am I ?

A Person Who Wanna Fly , 

Someone Who Wanna Thrive , 

In This Cruel World Wanna Survive .

Am I A Farmer ?

Someone Who’s Sharper , 

Wanna Grow The Crops Of Power, 

Sweat It Out For Hours .

Am I A singer ?

Not Until I Stop To Shiver , 

Need Much Confidence To Stand Out , 

Even My Voice Isn’t That Great I Doubt .

Am I An Entrepreneur ?

Someone Who’s So Pure.

Someone Who’s Lost In His Work , 

Field Which Needs A Lot Of Needlework.

In Search Of What I Am ,

I Need Help Of This Diagram .

Am I A Photographer , 

Someone so Passionate About Water , 

The One Who Loves His Work , 

Live Day Night Like A Jerk .

Am I An Actor ?

Not Showcasing The World About my Actual X-Factor ,

Field Which Needs A Lot Of Dedication ,

Wandering And Changing Multiple Station.

Am I A Writer ?

A Single Handed Fighter, 

A Person Who’s Mind Fights With His Own Self ,

One, Who’s Pain Is Kept On That Shelf.

OH Yes , This Is What I Am, 

I Can Give On My Own Subject A board Exam.
In Search Of What I am ,

I Finally Located The Best Diagram.