Smell Of Rain 

The Sweet Smell Of Rain , 

Reminded Me Of You Again.

Whatever I Thought Was Depressing , 

You Came To Me As A Blessing.

This Water Is Splashing , 

On My Face It’s Clapping 

Celebrating You Again , 

It Changed His Lane.

Weather Is Rainy ,

As Fresh As You , 

My Heart’s Going Crazy ,

I’ve Lost My Shoe 😔

How Will I manage Without You ?

I Never Thought To Have A Second View .

Wish You Could See This Smile on My Face , 

Just To Have A Glance , I opened My Shoelace !!

I Have Faith In What I Kept , 

Dreams Which I Saw When I Slept.

You’re An Invisible Spy On A Mission 

Dont See If There’s Any Condition.

I Chose To Walk Even When The Weather Was Bad , 

Maybe I Suffered A Gad ,

Still This Sweet Smell Of Rain Reminded Me Of You Again.

Near Your House Gate , 

I Chose To Wait .

Rain Was Yet To Change Into Sunshine , 

Before My Eyes Displayed A Beautiful Coastline.🤗

Wish You Could See This Smile On My Face , 

Just To Have A Glance ,

I Opened My Shoelace.

My Warehouse Isn’t Old Anymore

That Old Warehouse Of Mine ,

Was Going Old Badly Like Wine ,

I Made My Mind To Packup and Leave ,

Until There Was Something To Recieve.
A White Parcel Was Waiting For Me At The Door ,

I Thought It Might Be A Money Order Of a Crore 😂

I desperately Needed It 😔,

But There Was A Message From a person Who Wanted To Acquit .

I was A bit Confused For a While ,

Thinking Whose Number To Dial ,

Mr.Motivator Would Help Me ,

Believe Me….He Holds A Master Degree !!

I went To Him With A Sweet Smile ,

He Advised Me To Take A Trial.

I wanted Him To Elaborate ,

Until He Made It Straight.

Follow What You Feel Like ,

He Cleared With A Glance Ghostlike.

I Left Him With a Decent Sight ,

Wondering Still…What To Write.

Words Actually Made The Situation Worse ,

But Fortunately I Made My Anxiety To Disperse.

“What Made You Think of Me Again ? ”

“What Do You Pretend ?”

I Once Again Knocked Mr.Motivator’s Gate ,

He Described This As A Part Of My Fate.

So Should I Sit Back And Wait ?

Or Go And Declare It Straight ?

He Once Again Relaxed My Nerve’s ,

Asked Me To Keep Faith In My Reserves;

I want You Back Came In Way ,

And A Bright Shine Came In Display.

Finally I was Back With All That I Had ,

ThankYou Mr.Motivator For Helping This Nomad ❤.

I am Not Going To Sell my Old Warehouse Anymore ,

Because It Sounds More Sweet Than A Fancy Seashore 😙.


Whatever Day Is It , 

We Must Always Permit ,

The White And Black Shades Of Life ,

Because Everything’s Temporary Unlike The Wildlife 🐯
Yesterday When I Was Walking ,

I Didn’t Bother Knocking ,

That Gate Of Disgrace ;

An Old Man Came Out With A Boldface ,

You Sure Wanna Come In ?

Or Wanna Keep Defending The Spin ?
With a Smile I Gave A Nod ,

How Can I Be Such a Fraud ?

Not Believing In Myself,

After Writing so Much About Oneself .
This Time I Wanna Earn The Light ,

Overshadowing The Demon’s Dynamite !!
Whatever The Past Taught ,

I must Tie To My Mind With a Knot !

Yesterday Is The Day I’ll Try To Forget ,

For Who Knows, 

It Might Be A Big Threat !
Nobody Is As Intelligent To Judge Me ,

They Won’t Be Able To Know Me Even After Lots Of Inquiry 👮 !
I’ll Try To Be A Friend To Myself ,

The One Who’ll Company Me To The Skelf ,

The one Who Will Watch Me Inside Out ,

The one Who Will Conduct A Deep Scout !
Even The One With whom I Hangout ,

Will Try To Knock Me Out ,

When The Situation Would Be Strong,

I’ll Alone Again With My Favourite Song.
I’ll Try To Be a Friend To Myself ,

The one Who’ll Company Me To The Skelf .

Fake Promises 

Shh !! Please Never Bother , 

That Respectful Scholar ;

There’s No Need To Strife ,

Instead , Cut There Bloody Head With A Knife 🔪 !!
Are You Sure It Was Her ?

I Beg To Differ , 

I advice You To Immediately Refer , 

If You Wanna See Yourself As A  Future Entrepreneur 🕴.
Don’t Take That Promise Seriously , 

It was Made Hilariously ,

To Be Honest, It Was Just For A Short Span , 

The Moment You Realise , Leave It And Run as Far As You Can 🏃 !!
Start Your Road Trip Again , 

This Time Change Your Lane .

There’s No Point To Remain , 

In this Lane Full Of Dumb Cane .
Leave Behind That Fake Undertake , 

Instead, Accelerate And Remove Your Leg From the Brake 🛣 .
Whenever You Think A Bit ,

Remember That Black Kit , 

Full Of Dismality And Ignorance ,

Which Stopped You From Chasing Success.
Though It Proved Out To be Important , 

Nothing In Life Is Constant .

Showcase Your Mentality In Such A Way ,

People Think Of You From a Different Gateway🌎
Submit Yourself To The One , 

Who’s Never Done .

Standing Beside You Always ,

No Matter What’s The Case.
Go For One Who Needs You , 

Coz No Body Needs A Whole Crew.

Adore A Kangaroo , 

Who Never Leaves His Joey Until He Askew.
Leave Behind That Fake Undertake , 

Instead , Accelerate And Remove Your Leg From The Brake 🛣 !!

When You’re Near – There’s No Fear

Bro , You There?

Or Was That A Bloody Nightmare ?

Please Don’t Ever Dare That , 

Otherwise I’ll Get Involved In An Ugly Spat.
You Were A Complete Stranger I Remember,

Until I Made You a Family Member.

Can’t Recall Count The Number Of Songs We Share ,

But We Always End Up Fighting when We Compare .
Remember That Girl We Use To Stare ?

Dont Know Where Has She Disappear.

You Were In A Bad Mood I Guess , 

Coz U Always Wanted To Confess.
C’mon Bro , It’s Just a Chapter , 

Take Your Phone , Earplugs and The Adapter , 

We’ll Go lost Somewhere , 

A Place Where There Is some Fresh air.
Please don’t Take So Much Stress ,

Because I cannot Handle Your Agress.

I’ll Leave everything For You , 

To Enjoy That Provocative Scenic View.
Girl’s came And went , 

But I put on our Bond Some Cement ;

Please Remove The 250 odd Photographs of Her , 

Instead put Some Of Mine , Your Monsieur.
It was A Lame Joke I Know , 

You’re One of a Kind Though.

Bro, Don’t Worry You’ll Get Your Bride , 

I’ll Look For Her Myself Countrywide.
Until Then , We’ll Go Lost Somewhere , 

A place Where There Is Fresh air.

Away From These People Who ,

We’ll Forever Bid ‘ Adieu ‘ !!
                                              – Creyente Trozy

Hope : A Great Scope

Oops ! I Woke Up Today Again ,

Not For You But To Break That Chain,

Which Continuously Stops My Train , 

From Establishing My Own Reign . 
Sometimes I Wonder If You are Blind , 

Can’t You See I was Always Out Of My Mind ;

Probably I spent Much Of My Time Wondering,

But Now You Won’t See Me Suffering !
Today I’ll Leave , Much Far You Would Have Thought;

And I won’t Get Back Until I Have Large Acres Of Plot.

You Unintentionally Guided Me A Way, 

Which I Have To Follow After Crossing That Bay.
Life Gave Me Enough Setbacks,

But It Left Me Some Climax.
Ah, There’s Someone Who Inspired me,

For Me He’ll Always Be My Tree.

He Gets My Problems And I Don’t Need To Say, 

In Simple Words … He’s My Relief Spray !!
ThankYou Mr.Motivator For Your Guiding Word’s,

You’re The One Who Keeps All My Passwords,

I Sometimes Regret That I Didn’t Do Anything,

Except For Those Moments We Spent On That Swing.
I still Remember That Playlist I Dedicated,

That Would Be Enough I Estimated,

I added Some More Songs To It,

But I’ll Play Them Once I sit In My Cockpit !!
I Never Try To Taunt Someone,

Because I Always Keep A Shotgun,

Killing Through Words Would Never Satisfy;

Coz I Need That Hunger To Modify !
There’s A Reason I Live Everyday Call Hope;

Believe Me , Theres A Lot of Scope !!
                                                 – Creyente

Your Smile – Truly Versatile !

  • You’re The One,
  • Except The Sun,
  • Who’s Smile Is So Cute,
  • I don’t Need a Substitute !! 
  • A Supporter, Motivator Even a Second Hand,
  • Thank You So Much For Always Taking My Stand !!
  • There Is Indeed A Special Place For You,
  • Because I Believe Your Nature Is True !
  • Ah,Tell Me One Thing,Have You Ever Been Sad ?
  • Before You Entered I was Like A Nomad ,
  • Wandering Always In Search Of A Laugh,
  • But Just Couldn’t Get The Perfect Photograph.
  • Your Pic, Was The Best I Took,
  • I always Wanted To Publish It In A Comic Book😂,
  • Please Keep Telling Me About Your Crush,
  • Coz You Look Damn Hilarious When You Blush 😆 
  • I Hope There Are No Secrets Left To Share,
  • I really Cannot Tolerate Them K Declare ! 
  • Even Though The Happiness You Share Is Inspiring,
  • No Matter What , It’s Just Not Expiring !!
  • Cannot Count How Many wounds You’ve Repaired,
  • I have A Dozen In my Bag, Be Prepared !!
  • Having A Supporter Like You Is Blessing In Disguise,
  • You Know I don’t Wanna Compromise!
  • For Every stupid thing, I Apologise!
  • Do Invite me To Your Sweet Innocent Paradise !
  • Why are You So Stupid I Wanna Know,
  • Your Anger Is As Strong As Espresso.
  • Anyways Please Stay Same,
  • Because Being Happy is Not An Easy Game !
  • I’ve Always Admired You For This,
  • But This Is Something I’ll Always Gonna Miss.
  • I hope You Always Be The Best ,
  • Believe Me , Nobody Can Destroy The Spirit Of your Zest .