I Wonder Why In This World There’s A Thing Called Convenience , Am I The Only One Who Choose It Over Brilliance ? Even Though I’m Writing This Only To Say, But Does That Escapes Me From The Days Which Are Grey ? There’s Been Days Since I Last Won Something, Only To Hide Under … More Convenience

Who Am I ?

Who Am I ? A Person Who Wanna Fly ,  Someone Who Wanna Thrive ,  In This Cruel World Wanna Survive . Am I A Farmer ? Someone Who’s Sharper ,  Wanna Grow The Crops Of Power,  Sweat It Out For Hours . Am I A singer ? Not Until I Stop To Shiver ,  … More Who Am I ?

Smell Of Rain 

The Sweet Smell Of Rain ,  Reminded Me Of You Again. Whatever I Thought Was Depressing ,  You Came To Me As A Blessing. This Water Is Splashing ,  On My Face It’s Clapping  Celebrating You Again ,  It Changed His Lane. Weather Is Rainy , As Fresh As You ,  My Heart’s Going Crazy … More Smell Of Rain 


Whatever Day Is It ,  We Must Always Permit , The White And Black Shades Of Life , Because Everything’s Temporary Unlike The Wildlife 🐯 Yesterday When I Was Walking , I Didn’t Bother Knocking , That Gate Of Disgrace ; An Old Man Came Out With A Boldface , You Sure Wanna Come In … More Yesterday

Fake Promises 

Shh !! Please Never Bother ,  That Respectful Scholar ; There’s No Need To Strife , Instead , Cut There Bloody Head With A Knife 🔪 !! Are You Sure It Was Her ? I Beg To Differ ,  I advice You To Immediately Refer ,  If You Wanna See Yourself As A  Future Entrepreneur … More Fake Promises